#SupportLocalArtists: Meet Sherley Gene

1.    Where do your love for music comes from? What (or who) made you fell in love with music?

I think I was just born with it. Nothing major happened.



2.    How old were you when you wrote your first song? Do you remember what it was a about?

 I was 8 and it was about Jesus lol.

3.    Did you always knew that you wanted to do music in life? Or it was an unexpected curve of your life?

 I always knew I was going to be in entertainment. I actually thought Id be an actress because I was really good at imitating people and I memorize things very easily. But music was always a part of my life. I come from a family of musicians so it was kind of a normal thing to make music. No major curve for me


4.    Name 3 black women (it can be your mom…but it also could be Beyoncé there is no restriction) that influence your work the most?

 Women in general influence my work but no specific one. Not even my mom lol. But Im sure u can tell when u listen to No Soda lol

5.    I LOVE your song ‘’Never fell in love”. I literally could not stop listening to this track, it was on repeat for a few days! Can you tell us more about this piece? For me it’s about a girl who have no time for a relationship because she is all about her hustle. Is my analysis’ accurate? (Is this song about you? You look like a woman who is all about her hustle!)

 Haha! I am all about my hustle of course!! But this song doesnt really reflect my current state of mind. The song is about an ambitious woman who intimidates a lot and ends up being approached by men who are just not ready to handle her. I was this woman at a certain time in my life and I know that if Ive been there other women must have too. So I wrote this song hoping for it to be sort of an anthem for single women who are strong and won’t settle for less without the cliche idea of independent women rule the world or we dont need men. Of course we need men! We love em too but u gotta have what it takes to make us fall in love


6.    What is your biggest accomplishment regarding your music so far and why?

 I would have to say the fact that I never ever gave up. Im still pursuing this dream relentlessly. This is what Im the most proud of so far.

7.    If you had one advice to give to the black girls/women of Montreal (and of the whole province) what would it be?

 Be the person you want to fall in love with. If u want a trustworthy, honest, humble, ambitious, patient, beautiful, confident partner or love interest, just be this person. Forget what society thinks or says about who you are or who you should be and be the person you want to meet.



You love her eh? Well her new single « No Soda » is available on SoundCloud, iTunes and all digital stores. You can also find her in all the social media listed below!

Listen to No S0da here: www.smarturl.it/GeneNoSoda

SoundCLoud: soundcloud.com/gnaxmusic

 Twitter: @gnaxmusic

IG: SherleyGene

FB: G.nax


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