Why are we abandoning Korryn?

***Before you read this piece maybe watch those videos first (or after…or never be a rebel if you want lol)***

Episode 36 – Korryn Gaines : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EePIF28j4Mk

Episode 36 pt. 2 – Korryn  Gaines : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDqwUfjVgg0

Korryn Gaines Traffic stop video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmy2HCpgPLk

ps: you really do not have to watch all this (it is pretty long) but if you wanna forge your own opinion (as you should) this videos could help. These are the ones that I watch myself before writing this piece.


For those who may not know, Korryn Gaines was a 23 years old African american woman, mother of two young children, who died on august 1st 2k16 after a shooting involving her and the police.

In the following article I will share my thought son the matter, thoughts inspired by books that I’ve read and also video that I’ve watched before writing this piece, which help me shape my own opinion about the whole case.

The circumstances surrounding Korry’s death or not clear. But we are sure of at least three things regarding the shooting:

  1. The police shot first
  2. Her son was in the room
  3. As a result of this shooting: she lost her life and her son got shot

At first when the case came out, everybody was sensitive to this new case of police brutality, maybe more sensitive than for other cases because she was only 23 and she was a mother. Immediately she gained sympathy. Who would dare shoot a mother? The first reflex was to sympathize. But then things started to switch. New informations were coming out about who exactly was Korryn Gaines. Yes she was a woman, yes she was black, yes she had kids…but she was also angry. Multiple videos of Korryn stated to go viral on social media and you could se her talk back to the police, showing an obvious distrust of the authority. Not only that she was also teaching her children to not trust the police but she was also teaching them to fight them! As soon as those videos became accessible to the public, black people tried to distance themselves from this case. She did not have the support that Alton Sterling or Philando Castile had. I did not saw a lot of supportive post for Korryn on Facebook. On Instagram I saw more but they were exclusively coming from black women. And on twitter I saw a lot of questioning. People were implying that maybe just maybe…Korryn  had it coming. That she was looking for trouble.

Mmmh. Really?

One of Korryn’s video that went viral was an interaction that she had with a police officer during a traffic stop. The police her approached her  VERY politely. I have to put emphasis on his politeness because I gotta admit;  I never seen a police officer this patient with anyone. Never less, she still did not trust him. She refuses to step out of her car and kept asking for his delegation of authority. They had to force her to get out of the car, her and her kids. And when they did so she was encouraging her kids to fight back. The police officer really tried to calm her down but she refused to. She did not want to step out  of the car and was saying things like « You will have to kill me! ». When you read the comment section the answers were pretty similar: she was looking for trouble, she was the cause of her own death.

This is why most people distant themselves from the case because for them, it is not surprising that such an aggressive behaviour towards the authority result to a death. And there is many things that annoys me with this way of thinking. Especially regarding the cases of police brutality, especially concerning black people, especially concerning black women.

Look. We cannot trust the police. I am not saying that because I want to sound revolutionary or whatever. It is just what it is. And when I say you cannot trust them I do not want to encourage anyone to disobey the police or whatever, what I am saying they are not Saint. Sometimes they hide information. Sometimes they lie. Sometime they murder people. And they are not hold accountable for their actions. Only in this case they stated that Korryn fire first to later admit that they fire first. Why should we trust them? Also the idea that black people should remain peaceful and sane while living in a system that oppress them is silly. After the death of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling I had multiple break down. I kept randomly start crying. In my room. In the bus. In bookstores. These events severely affected my mental health. They affected me even tho I am not American, I feel deeply concerned and disturbed by all this.

So, I can only imagine how a young African-American mother must feel.  the trauma of seeing black and brown body being destroy regularly in her own country. In the traffic stop video you can actually tell that she has been affected, which result to a distrust of the police she mentioned during the argument with the police that her son will be a warrior forever that he will fight them. She said to the police officer that her son saw videos o youtube of them killing people that look like his father, his uncles, his cousins so he would not trust them. Is it really so surprising that she comes to those conclusion? Is it really so shocking? Did she deserve to die? I really do not think she was crazy. I just think she was angry and afraid. I think that anyone could be Korryn, me first. People also blame her because she put her son’s life in danger because he was in the room during the shooting. I really think this is a quite funny argument.

Did y’all already watch a show like CSI? Anytime a kids was held in hostage, the officers always made sure that the kids was safe before they do anything. Why couldn’t they do the same with this little boy?  Especially if they saw his mom as a threat, shouldn’t he be the first person to be put in a safe space? Like I said, funny argument. I sincerely think that if they could bring back Dylann Roof safely back home, when he killed 9 black people in a church there is no reason why Korryn should have died. I will take no excuses. They waited 7h before they start fire but they waited days and days for plenty of white men. This is white privilege. This is police brutality. I understand that in this system is in place to oppress black people but why people did not spoke out for Korryn like they did for Alton  or Philando?

Why are we abandoning Korryn Shandawn Gaines?

Because it is so easy to abandon the angry black women.

It is so easy to abandon the black women.

That’s why I am speaking up. Til’ the end. Defending my sisters even if they are strangers. Because I am them.


Because I am the Angry Black Women.



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